Another Way to Phish

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You might get an email that is blank or short and neutral and you have no idea why you got it. There  are no attachments or link so it seems innocent enough. It might not be so innocent and here is why: 

  • One purpose of this kind of email is to stop the sender getting blocked. If you send only spam you are easy to identify as a spammer. If you are also sending neutral messages it becomes harder to be detected.
  • The spammers are checking for opens to see if it is a live email address first. Then, if they catch that you opened the email, you go into a different bucket on their spamming program
  •  Some people reply to these, even if it's just to say "Unsubscribe me or Do I know you?" Now the spammer knows that the e-mail address is current and there's a person behind it, and that person actually opens e-mails sent by the particular send address they've used.