Callback Phishing Scam

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Malicious scams are hitting our inboxes daily.  Here is a recent example of a callback phishing scam that is about as legit looking as it gets. A customer received a phishing email alerting them their FedEx account that was overdue and to call in and take care of it. The emails looked to be from FedEx and links to the FedEx site were included as well. See image of this email below.

Here are steps to take when you receive a legit looking callback email.
  • First ask yourself if you have an account with this vendor and, if they provide an account number, check to see if this is indeed your account number.
  • Never call the number in the email.  If you are worried about your account, you can look up the phone number in a web search to see if it shows up as scam number. You can also find the number of this vendor on their website and always call them directly with that number to talk with someone.  

Remember that these scams work or they would not be doing them.

Keep your guard up and be careful out there!