Beware of Facebook scam

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There are two types of phishing emails impersonating as Facebook that are making the rounds: 

1.    A (fake) notification targeting business page owners stating that one of the users' ads was reported because it does not comply with Meta's advertising policies.

2.    A (fake) notification targeting personal page owners stating that your page has been reported for violating Meta's Terms of use.

As always there is a sense of urgency and threat as the email states your account has been suspended and threatens to permanently disable the account if you don't appeal this suspension within 24 hours.

These emails are compelling as the method they are using to harvest information is clever. The phishers have created an actual lead generation form via the Facebook Meta Ads Manager and include this link in this email. The link looks legit because it is (& takes you to Facebook). When you land on the Facebook page there is a 'click here to appeal' and that is the link that forwards you to the website that harvests your information.    

TIP: Always look at the FROM email address as the first line of defense against malicious emails-- > These emails are not coming from  

Let us know if you have any questions. And please, be careful out there!