A great website means nothing if no one ever sees it. New tactics for Search Engine Optimization are emerging constantly but they’re all built on some essential fundamentals. Basically, your website needs to be developed in a way that search engines can read and index all of your content, it should be listed in online directories pertinent to your business, the writing on your site should be relevant to its purpose and useful to your visitors, and all online profiles of your business should be linked to one another. You can supplement with pay-per-click advertising and email marketing but that’s about it. It’s not magic, it’s details.

To increase traffic to your site we focus on these strategies because we know they work.

We don’t waste your time and we don’t make promises we can’t keep.

On-Page Optimization For On-Page Optimization we comb through every page of your website and update your meta data, HTML code, and keyword placement to make sure search engines can read and index every part of your site. This process acts as the first step to any successful SEO ranking by ensuring that the most relevant traffic is driven from search engines to your site. It also has the added benefit of making your website functionally accessible to people with disabilities who use web readers to view your content.

Directory Submission Online business directories are trusted by search engines because they’ve been around a long time and garner a lot of traffic. By registering with them your site gets the benefit of their high SEO rankings. Directories also tend to create listings from one another, so listing in one will usually lead to listings in others without additional effort. Many directories allow their users to search by service, location, and category so you have the potential to connect with local users who trust these directories to point them to legitimate service providers. Customer review components are regular features of directories as well, providing an opportunity to reach new clients via online referrals. By registering with directories you’re essentially creating a greater bulk of consistent information about your business which search engines look for in order to determine your online legitimacy.

Copywriting Great website design starts with a well-crafted message: What makes your product the best? Why should consumers use your services? What's your story?

From meta data to footers and everything in between, our copywriters develop new content and edit or update old content to help build a website that's accurate and effective. They also work closely with our developers, designers and SEO experts to strategically place keywords as well as create informative blog posts to increase your search engine rankings.

Social Media Account Setup Social Media is a great way to make your online business presence more accessible to a larger audience. It can also help you keep your customers up to date on deals and company developments and gives them an opportunity to interact with your business online. We don’t manage your social media but we can set up accounts with all of your branding in place and make sure they’re linked back to your site so you can hit the ground running and make the most of their impact.